Kâmpôt Cambodia

Exploring Kâmpôt, Cambodia: a great place to visit!

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, head to Kâmpôt. This small town is a great place to visit, with plenty of things to do, see, and explore. It’s a quiet little town with a river running through it that has been spared from mass tourism. So whether you’re after some peace and quiet or simply have an affinity for eccentricities (like the quirky bridge we’ll be exploring further on in this article), read on for more information about exploring Kampot, Cambodia.

What to do in Kâmpôt, Cambodia

While the town of Kâmpôt is quite small, there’s still a decent amount of things to do, most of which are free. The first thing to do is to explore the town itself. Walk along the river, go to the market, or check out the Khmer Rouge memorial. Kâmpôt is famous for its pepper, and you can go on a pepper plantation tour to see how the famous pepper is grown. It’s also a good place for scuba diving, and there are several diving schools in town. Kâmpôt is also a good place to learn about Cambodian history. There are several museums in town, including the Khmer Rouge museum, a Cham museum, and a museum dedicated to the victims of the Khmer Rouge.

Walking around the town and finding your adventure

When exploring the town of Kâmpôt, one great way to do so is by renting a bicycle and simply biking around town. Kâmpôt is a small town, so you can get almost everywhere by bike. You can also walk around the town, which is a great way to explore Kâmpôt on your own. You can simply walk along the river and follow your path wherever it may lead. You’ll likely come across some interesting things along the way, like temples or gardens.

Et cave and other sites near Kâmpôt

If you’re looking for other things to do in Kâmpôt, you can check out the nearby caves. There are a couple of caves nearby, including the Et Cave. This is a large cave with a nice stream flowing out of it. You can walk through the cave, but be aware that you will get wet. You’ll have to walk through the water to get to the other side of the cave, where there’s a small waterfall. Another nearby attraction is Koh Tron island. This is a small island with a temple on it. You can take a boat out to the island and explore the temple, which is a nice way to spend a day.

Where to eat in Kâmpôt

When it comes to food, Kâmpôt is home to a large amount of Khmer cuisine, which is Cambodian food. One of the most famous dishes of Khmer cuisine is amok, which is fish steamed in a banana leaf. Fish is very common in Kâmpôt, and it’s easy to get cheap and delicious fish dishes. Another common dish is Kâmpôt pepper crab, which is delicious. Another food staple in Kâmpôt is roti, which is a type of Cambodian flatbread. It’s very cheap and easy to find, and it’s delicious as well.


Kâmpôt is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a more laid-back experience. It’s a small town with a slower pace of life, making it a good place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you’re planning a trip to Cambodia, Kâmpôt is a great place to start exploring. It’s a small town with a decent amount of things to do, and it’s a good place to learn about Cambodia’s history as well.